Insist that the industry is interdynamic, strengthen key ability , track that develops the chance, encourage the transformation and innovation, expand the competition advantage , realize that grows up continuously.
  With open mind, the extensive manner that enlarges , receive all advanced ideas and thoughts, weed out the old and bring forth the new, keep pace with world constantly, enter with the world altogether, the most forward position that stands in the times forever!
  Feida's in the future, it is the mission and future of community responsibility of one era of undertaking!
  Feida's in the future,It is one that reflects future of wide mind and mighty aspiration !
  Feida's in the future,A employee unity is strength and future which enterprises surmount without end!
  1.FEIDA will turn itself from tool industry to infromation and high-tech industry such as panel.
  2.FEIDA will turn itself from traditional manufacturing enterprise to Culture enterprise, which is guided by the market, and focuses on Culture operation.
  3.FEIDA will turn itself from single product management mode to industry management mode, with both production management and capital operation.
  4.FEIDA will turn itself from following experience to learning actively.
  5.FEIDA will turn itself from regional enterprise to open international enterprise .
  6.6. FEIDA will turn itself from being led by old leaders to knowledgable leaders.
  During the development of the enterprise, FEIDA will insist on human resource strategy, brand strategy, scientific technology strategy, capital strategy and internationalization strategy.
  Danyang: manufacturing center Shanghai: investment and management centre Hong Kong: global sales center Suzhou: research, development and logistics center.
  1. To carry out large-scale merge and acquisition, fulfill the strategic arrangement of tool and panel, keeping the leading status in the industry. And make the panel industry enter into a beneficial and stable development period.
  2. Based on the customer sources and the Internet, FEIDA is building its own brand..
  3. To get breakthrough in the development of penal technology, to become first class in the tool industry, and to become a listed company.
  4. To have complete capital channel, operation tool and professional team, supporting the industry development.
  1. To attach importance to both industry management and capital management, both brand expansion and Culture development. To have many listed companies and become one of the most valuable enterprises in the country.
  2. To become one of the most famous international brands in the tool industry.
  3. To possess key technologies, realize the innovation of products, and become the leading enterprise of extension and application.
  4. To set up a national finance organization, which has key Culture and innovated products.
  Our resolution is our resource, our faith it is our future!
  “Build an international brand—FEIDA!”
  1. To build FEIDA an international famous company, which is based on tool industry, panel industry and real estate Culture.
  2. To build FEIDA one of the first class international enterprises, and push forward the development of Houxianggang, and Danyang City.
  3. Build an international brand—FEIDA!
  1、 Set up an independent sales company, inviting talented people from different places in the country, and improving the comprehensive quality of the staff team.
  2、Establish the largest hardware tool market in East China, impelling the development of Jiangsu Industry and Commerce Union Hardware Branch.
  3、Build FEIDA Garden Hotel. It will have international quality, intellectual ability, beautiful ecological environment and fashionable design, providing services of finance, Culture, culture, leisure, sports and accommodation. The hotel aims to provide perfect service in Danyang, and become one of the key images of the city.
  4、 Apart from branch companies in Germany, the USA, Britain, Italy and etc, establish another three branch companies overseas.
  5、 Concentrated on the technology development, and continue to cooperate with universities, colleges and scientific research institutions. Increase the team of scientific research personnel and technology research and development personnel.
  6、Buy another piece of land, which is about 26.667 hectares. Complete the construction of a new-type industry park in 2005, which will have fewer staff members, high-tech, high additional value, good sale and high profit.
  7、Merge 13 villages into one, which plans to be constructed in five parts, for residential area, administrative area, industrial area, recreational area and ecological protection area. A broad road named FEIDA will connect all these areas, in which brightening and afforestation projects are planned. Invest 4 million yuan to build a private industrial park. Build a comprehensive market and develop the tertiary industry. Set up the FEIDA Cultural Activity Center for villagers. And build the modernized and garden-like FEIDA Industry Park.
  8、 Carry out the project that all staff members are provided with medical insurance and endowment insurance, and they will live in garden-like residential area, in which there are estate management, multi-functional dancing halls, hospitals and shopping centers.
  9、Realize the target that the annual income of staff exceeds 15,000 yuan per capita, and the average deposit exceeds 50,000 yuan of every family.
  10、Develop the panel industry. Try to achieve the annual sale up to 5 billion yuan. Finish the second stage project in 2 or 3 years. And try to achieve 10 billion yuan sale.
Feida the factory scenery
Modernized factory building
Feida the village scenery
Feida the village scenery